• ☆ ★ ☆ Asian noodles Fair ☆ ★ ☆

  • ★ Recommended menu ★

    • Fried deep-fried shrimp with shell

      Fried deep-fried shrimp with shell

      880 yen

      Tom yam · green curry Please enjoy with salt as special salt of peppermint!

    • Steamed chicken three color sauce

      Steamed chicken three color sauce

      980 yen

      Asian special-made drool potato sauce · sambal sauce! Please choose from your favorite sauce!

    • Seasonal desserts

      Seasonal desserts

      480 yen

      Chestnut gelato to Halloween tailoring!

    • Lacusa


      980 yen

      【Singapore】 Soup of coconut milk gives sweetness, spicy with several kinds of spices! Shrimp miso decisive for taste «Lunch Limited: It will be a great deals at +400 yen ♪»

    • Chile Club

      Chile Club

      1480 yen

      Soft shell club is fried so it is fried!

  • [Appetizer]

    • Vietnamese fresh spring roll

      Vietnamese fresh spring roll

      580 yen

      Plenty of vegetables and prepuce shrimp wrapped salad!

    • Drool chicken

      Drool chicken

      780 yen

      This name came from the delicious thing that the drool will come out.The special spicy spicy sauce is the deciding factor of the taste.

    • Appetizer Taiwan sausage

      480 yen

      Octagonal is the sausage of slightly fragrant Taiwan specialties.Please with homemade miso!

    • Sea bream carpaccio / sea bream and seasonal vegetables sweet and sour sauce

      980 yen

      The spicyness of fragrant nuts and red peppers will be a habit to dressing fragrant pakuti fragrant! In creative cuisine "Sweet and sour seasonal vegetables sweet vinegar", seasonal ingredients are cooked with sweet vinegar in Italian taste and Chinese combination!

    • Vine Theo roll

      680 yen

      Vietnam style okonomiyaki tried wrapped in skin of raw spring rolls! Coriander pleasing to your liking!

    • Bitter gourd and tofu of Chinese-style stir-fried / Boboniwatori (bangbang chicken)

      Each 780 yen
    • Honeycomb tripe dry boiled / Yamuunsen / avocado Kimchi

      Each 480 yen
    • Acharu


      480 yen

      Asian-inspired pickles scent of lemon grass scent faintly.

    • Spicy cucumber / cucumber sweet and sour pickles

      Each 480 yen
    • Unceremoniously tossed / Pitan and avocado tofu of dried tofu tossed / char siu

      Each 480 yen
    • Of mini tomato som tam / Yuba and marinated in cilantro

      Each 480 yen

      Mini-tomato som tam: representative of cosmetic ingredients

    • Fried spicy eggplant

      880 yen

      The eggplant fried crisp was seasoned with salty-sweet sauce.

    • Tomato & Avocado Choregi Sauce / Pakrese

      480 yen / 580 yen

      The avocado and the tomato which were cut in roughly are sauced with sauce! "Pakrese" of creative cuisine makes it a taste of Italian taste and you can enjoy a new encounter with Pakuchi combined!

  • 【salad】

    • Asian Tay Bull salad

      780 yen

      Salad of our classic.Onion dressing is the decisive factor.

    • Coriander salad

      780 yen

      This salad if coriander lovers!

    • Mushroom plenty of warm vegetable salad

      780 yen

      It was multiplied by the pride of black vinegar dressing to vegetables.

  • [Gem <Asian style>]

    • Iron plate steak Asian style

      1280 yen

      Please enjoy wrapped in lettuce a piping hot steak and kimchi.

    • Kai Yang

      780 yen

      The chicken thighs marinated in fish sauce was baked in an open fire.It is chicken grilled Thai style.

    • Pooh Patpong Curry

      1480 yen

      Popular menu of Thailand.The soft-shell crab and egg finished with curry.

    • Stir-fried greens of the Thai season

      880 yen

      I fried the greens of the season special horse with anyone.

    • Pat char Talay

      960 yen

      Distinctive aroma and Holy basil is fried seafood spicy to become a habit.

  • [Gem <Chinese style>]

    • Taiwan grilled rice vermicelli

      780 yen

      Stuck in rice vermicelli.It is the best in the appetizers.

    • Fried chili sauce of shrimp

      Fried chili sauce of shrimp

      1080 yen

      Crunchy fresh shrimp Purippuri!

    • It tossed Aurora source of black sweet and sour pork / shrimp

      Each 980 yen
    • Hemp Auntie tofu pot

      Hemp Auntie tofu pot

      980 yen

      Spicy authentic Sichuan pepper!

    • Fried black pepper beef

      1180 yen

      Black pepper has heard tangy! Please enjoy piping hot.

    • Chinjaorosu / time pot meat (twice cooked pork)

      Each 980 yen
    • Fried eggs pork and cloud ear

      780 yen

      Fried egg of wood ear and pork.It is a typical dish of Shandong cuisine.

  • [Cooked]

    • Seafood Chile Ahijo

      780 yen

      Additional bucket ... 200 yen

    • Beef stew of pot

      580 yen

      Carefully it was stew Kotokoto! Chinese unique flavor accents.

    • Boiled pork

      880 yen

      Because it is thoroughly cooked, and finished with a soft - rather juicy.

  • [Fried]

    • Iron plate Yurinchi

      840 yen

      Taste doubling a homemade sauce to fried chicken fried to crispy!

    • Fried soft shell with shrimp

      680 yen

      Beer to accompany! We are go crispy each shell !!

    • Pollack cheese fries / crispy fries

      Each 580 yen
    • Ishigaki beef croquette

      580 yen

      Ishigaki beef flavor and Hokuhoku potatoes irresistible!

  • [Dumplings]

    • Dalian gyoza (1 servings 3 pieces)

      280 yen
    • Coriander water dumplings (1 servings 3 pieces)

      330 yen

      Drain the <detox effect> the body of toxins.

    • Shiso gyoza (1 servings 3 pieces)

      330 yen

      <Enhance digestion and absorption> antibacterial and bactericidal action to the other, cancer prevention.

    • Tomato water dumplings (1 servings 3 pieces)

      330 yen

      <Anti-aging> anti-aging, expected to rejuvenation effect.

    • Kimchi water dumplings / celery gyoza (1 each serving 3 pieces)

      Each 330 yen

      [Kimchi vinegar dumplings: beautiful skin effect] / [celery water dumplings: poor circulation improvement]

    • Shiitake gyoza / pepper and dumplings (1 each serving 3 pieces)

      Each 330 yen

      [Shiitake gyoza: strengthening immunity] / [pepper and dumplings: metabolism UP · hair growth promoting effect]

    • Turban shell water dumplings / scallop gyoza / shark's fin dumplings water / shrimp gyoza

      Each 380 yen

      (1 each serving 3 pieces)

  • [Baked dumplings & Dim Sum]

    • Dalian dumplings (6 pieces) / Cheese Shiso Dumplings

      630 yen

      Repeat rate number 1! Attention to juice that jumps out! In creative Asian cuisine, cheese and shiso compatibility patchy "cheese purple dumpling gyoza" is also inevitable!

    • Coriander dumplings / basil dumplings / seafood dumplings (each 6 pieces)

      Each 680 yen
    • Small Ryutsutsumi (3 pieces)

      Small Ryutsutsumi (3 pieces)

      580 yen

      Please enjoy the piping hot gravy overflowing to the end! Add one ... + 193 yen

    • Black pig shaomai (3 pieces)

      580 yen

      Juicy original shaomai that abundantly using the black pig.Add one ... + 193 yen

    • Chinese spring rolls (2 pieces)

      530 yen

      Healthy spring rolls using only vegetables.Dim Sum nurses have wrapped carefully! Add one ... + 265 yen

  • [Hot pot]

    • Dalian hot pot ※ fire pot of single item are available from 2 persons.

      1 servings 2150 yen

      <Basic set> Asa辣 soup, plain hot soup, pork and vegetables Assorted

    • "Add menu" sauce and condiments

      Each 300 yen

      Coriander sauce / sesame sauce / seafood sauce / leek plenty ponzu sauce / Sha tea sauce sauce / XO sauce sauce / shredded fresh coriander

    • "Add menu" vegetables

      Each 300 yen

      Tomato / Chinese cabbage / lettuce / bok choy / mizuna / green onion / leek / Enoki / king oyster mushroom / shiitake / cloud ear

    • "Additional menu" dumplings (each 4 pieces)

      360 yen ~

      Dalian dumplings 360 yen / coriander dumplings 420 yen / shiso gyoza 420 yen

    • "Add menu" seafood

      560 yen ~

      Squid 560 yen / scallop 700 yen / headed shrimp (3 fish) 700 yen

    • "Add menu" meat

      730 yen ~

      Chicken 730 yen / 840 yen pork / beef, sheep meat each 980 yen

    • "Add menu" Other

      300 yen ~

      Tofu, vermicelli each 300 yen / squid dumpling 420 yen / shrimp dumpling 480 yen

    • "Add menu" deadline

      Each 420 yen

      Chinese noodles / Ojiya set

  • 【noodles】

    • Tantanmen


      880 yen

      Rich Tantan noodles plenty twist the flavor of the half-size 580 yen / sesame!

    • Pad Thai (Thai-style fried noodles)

      880 yen

      The half-size 580 yen / US noodles and vegetables salty-sweet fried in fish sauce base is yakisoba of Thailand.

    • Oyster sauce chow mein

      830 yen

      It stuck to the texture of the fragrance and noodles of the half-size 530 yen / oyster sauce.Ideal for snacks!

    • Tomato Tantan noodles

      880 yen

      And finished with a healthy Tantan noodles in half-size 580 yen / tomato and lettuce.

    • Foga (Vietnam-style chicken soup noodle)

      980 yen

      Half-size 680 yen / Vietnamese stalls cuisine made into healthy.

    • Shanghai fried noodles

      880 yen

      Seasoned with half-size 580 yen / vegetables plenty! China soy sauce Shanghai representative of chow mein!

    • Chow mein (fried or steamed)

      Each 980 yen

      Half-size 680 yen / aroma to baked noodles was multiplied by the xi plenty of sauce.

  • 【food】

    • Green curry (bucket or Rice)

      Green curry (bucket or Rice)

      1080 yen

      King of Thai cuisine! Thailand distinctive herbs, exquisite preparation of green chili is decisive!

    • Gapaoraisu (Thai spicy minced meat mixed rice)

      880 yen

      Basil aroma of mouth-watering, is a typical menu of Thai food!

    • Kaniretasu fried rice

      880 yen

      Crab flavor, the egg flavor, crunchiness exquisite balance of lettuce!

    • Nasi goreng (Indonesian-style fried rice)

      880 yen

      Taste and spices of decisive Nasi of pla Many fans!

  • [Soup] ※ + noodles can be added at 180 yen

    • Tomuyankun

      980 yen

      Iwasu and Thai cuisine popular soup that could.Seafood of the horse is, you can spice is added Four or Chinese noodles is exquisite! 180 yen plus!

    • hot and sour soup

      880 yen

      Sour twist the acidity and pepper of pungent taste of vinegar is rich pungency of a soup.Four or Chinese noodles can be added at 180 yen plus!

  • 【dessert】

    • Almond jelly

      Almond jelly

      390 yen

      Boast of exquisite almond jelly! Ice topping +150 yen

    • Brown sugar Brulee

      580 yen

      Fragrant crispy caramel to homemade pudding finished with brown sugar.

    • Asian Zenzai

      680 yen

      Asian change is topping by season Zenzai!

    • Tapioca coconut

      390 yen

      Batch chemistry of homemade milk and black tapioca.Ice topping +150 yen

    • Mango pudding

      390 yen

      Fruit we used generously plenty.Ice topping +150 yen

    • Sesame dumpling

      390 yen

      Sesame bean paste and bean jam boasts of sesame dumplings exquisitely blended with.Ice topping +150 yen